Home Extensions Liverpool

A range of different home extensions to suit your home.

Single Storey Extension

The single storey extension is by far the most popular choice of home extensions. It extends your living space and opens up a range of different options when it comes to the design of your home. Many of our clients are opting towards open plan living areas with their extensions to provide a more modern finish for their home.

Home extensions can increase the size and change the layout of your home. Open plan living has now evolved extensions, allowing our clients to merge their kitchens with their living space. We can deal with all aspects of the job and manage the full project from start to finish.

There are several types of single storey extensions including side extensions, rear extensions, kitchen extensions and orangeries. Each home is suited to a different type of extension and we can provide you with advice and planning help to choose the most suitable extension for your home.

We love allowing more light to single storey extensions by installing bifold doors, Velux roof windows and roof lanterns.

Double & Multi Storey Extension

Double or multi storey extensions add a significant amount of living space onto your home. You can add more bedrooms onto upper storeys while extending kitchen or living areas downstairs. You can even create interesting design features such as mezzaine floors to add a truly modern and luxury feel to your home. 

Above Garage Extension

A garage extension is an attractive and effective home extension option. Building on top of your garage is a great way to maximise your living space. It can vastly increase the size of the upstairs of your property giving you the room to create another bedroom or maybe another bathroom. You could also extend one of your current bedrooms and add an en suite. Allow more natural light to flow through your upstairs to create a brighter space in your home.

Side Return or Wrap Around Extension

A side extension or wrap around extension is a fantastic opportunity to provide open plan living. Allowing more natural daylight into your home provides the modern, brighter and healthier space in your new extension. This type of extension also allows rooms to better connect the home to the garden which is allows the perfect balance of indoor and outdoor living.


Orangeries are a beautiful extension to add to your home. They are a halfway between a conservatory and a fully bricked extension. Orangeries are fantastic for general living and hosting rooms because they add a large versatile living space to your home. When compared with conventional conservatories, an orangery is a more effective alternative. As it not only blends your existing home seamlessly, our orangeries are able to match your home in terms of thermal retention and soundproofing.


A conservatory is a great addition to your home. It creates extra living space for you and your family and floods your house with natural light while offering a panoramic view of your garden. There are many different types of conservatories to suit your home including; Loggia, Victorian, Edwardian and many more.


Porches are usually a small extension on the front of a house. Typical examples include simple structures of only brick walls, columns, windows and a door. More elaborated/larger versions can be bare brick or plastered and can have complete electrical installation. Due to their size porches do not requrie planning permission.